Export and quarantine

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Bonsai fanciers can be found all over the world. However, there are various obstacles to overcome when exporting bonsai from Japan to other countries.

It is necessary to meet the conditions for plant quarantine in the country to which the bonsai is being exported. In many countries, there are strict measures governing the import of bonsai, garden trees and so on, such as the requirement for import permits and growing site inspections. As it can take time to export bonsai, it is necessary to have the relevant information and employ a systematic approach. Furthermore, it is recommended to confirm the details of growing site inspections and export inspections with the plant quarantine station.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), an independent administrative institution, offers information on bonsai export (shipping) conditions.

Bonsai export (shipping) conditions as of December 1, 2019 (external site)