About us

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At japan-bonsai.jp, we will widely disseminate information on bonsai domestically and internationally, as well as the products and services of support providers, and collect marketing information such as the status of access from Japan and overseas and interests and preferences related to bonsai. This site is to contribute to the sales of support businesses and small and medium-sized businesses in the future.

Bonsai Governing Bodies

Managed by Tokyo Bonsai Club in collaboration with Nippon Bonsai Growers Collective, the Japan Bonsai website (japan-bonsai.jp) serves to communicate information about bonsai both in Japan and overseas.

Tokyo Bonsai Club Co., Ltd.
3-42 Uenokoen, Taito-ku, Tokyo


A common logo has been created for the branding of products and services of support providers and the branding of this site. I want to make it a world-class logo.

Modern and simple typefaces are conscious of readability, readability and general readability. The motif is the signature bonsai of Japan. A new bonsai charm is transmitted through the fusion of “advanced” and “traditional”.

The JAPAN BONSAI logo mark is a two-color display that displays the alphabet “O” and “signature mark” in red and the rest in black. By developing these basic colors in various ways, we will form the image of the JAPAN BONSAI brand in terms of color.