Bonsai facilities

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It’s not easy for someone with a new interest in bonsai to suddenly turn up to a bonsai garden or bonsai exhibition. Rather, it’s recommended for beginners to visit a bonsai gallery where it’s possible to view bonsai masterpieces and acclaimed works along with bonsai containers and to learn the history of bonsai. Bonsai gardens that are part of parks and so on are also easily accessible.

The Omiya Bonsai Museum, Saitama City

At Saitama City’s the Omiya Bonsai Museum, the study and research of the bonsai culture that has been cultivated through tradition are accompanied by the wide promotion of bonsai culture with the aim of making more people familiar with bonsai. The world’s first public bonsai museum, it was opened in order to bring visitors closer to Omiya Bonsai Village, a place known across the world as holy ground for bonsai.

Showa Kinen Park

At the heart of the exhibition are 61 bonsai masterpieces of The Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition class that have been donated by fanciers from across the country with the assistance of the Nippon Bonsai Association (Corp). Seasonal bonsai exhibitions regularly take place in the garden, while large scale temporary exhibitions are held in the Japanese garden to make best use of the lawn and the Kanfu-tei teahouse.

Ueno Green Club

Ueno Green Club is the headquarters of the Bonsai Growers Cooperative. It has an event hall that can be rented out for bonsai exhibitions and other types of displays, along with permanent bonsai retail facilities and a bonsai classroom which holds regular workshops.